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Nested snapping UI ScrollView

Standart unity ScrollRect cant contain nested ScrollRect objects . Nested ScrollRect blocking your vertical swipes and you cant correctly scroll the extern ScollRect content 

The content elements behaviour can stop the item half way and not show it completely 

Whith this plugin you can swipe horizontal
for scrolling elements inside nested ScrollRect
and swipe vertical for scrolling outer(extern) ScrollRect.

Connect node animation

Connect nodes its complex plugin which help you with creating typical and unique "crypto" or "blockchain" behavior simulation. In the base of cryptocurrency such as : Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin and other classical coins , stay some system.

What means typical blockchain behaviour?
The central node is - User . Other users connected between and guarantee the security of the transaction.

Water shader pro

Water shader pro is flexible shader for creating sea, oceans, rivers and other water surfaces.

List of changeable fields:
• Main albedo texture (Can be null)
• Tilling
• Offset moving direction and speed
• Emission color
• Foam texture, depth, moving speed and intensity
• Normal map texture
• Alpha
• Smoothness, AO, Distortion
• Waves tiling, speed and height
• Single flexible and universal shader

And more ...

Mesh Pencil

Mesh pencil is an asset for unity which converts your 2D input by drawing to 3D mesh.

The asset works in realtime play mode and not able to use it in the editor scene.

Is not require special libraries and packages for installing.

Configure draw canvas area
Easy setup a pixel canvas with custom sizes by configuring pixels quantity in a row and columns amount.

Control a single pixel dimension, sprite and colors for your style and design requirements

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